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MIKTOYS - Czech made wooden toys


Our story

Family owned company M.I.K was officially founded by Mr. Milan Konecny in 1991. Establishment of the company was possible due to political and social changes which had begun at the end of 1989 as well as due to technical and professional knowledge of Mr. Konecny. He gained this experience through his studies at universities DF VSLD Zvolen, VSCHT Praha and in production plants TOFA Albrechtice in Jizera Mountains and in UP Bucovice.

Production factory developed gradually mainly by self-help reconstruction of farm house in village Malinky in between 1990 – 1992. Suitable premises, necessary machining equipment and personnel counting 2 women and 2 men enabled to start production of toys in June 1992.

Traditional Czech toys were in the beginning of nineties of 20th century very sought after and valued commodity. In this period the company extended production assortment and increased the number of personnel. Since 1993 the attestation of toys confirming conformity to EN-71 norm enabled company to open export to abroad.

In 1996 technologically unique machines enabling coloured printing onto wood were bought. Without this technology company would not be able to start production of its own board games with coloured imprints.

15 employees were working for the company at the beginning of 2004. Thanks to entry of Czech Republic to EU in May 2004 and subsequent legislative change in verification and proving of toy safety, Czech and European market slowly came to flooding with cheap and mostly poor quality Asian goods. Traditional companies as company M.I.K started to have difficult times.

Company managed to overcome this hard period in between 2004 and 2010 thanks to quality, design unique products and also thanks to production of custom made products mainly for advertising purposes.

At the end of 2011 company launched its own painting room enabling painting and varnishing of parts with high productivity and quality. This new technology provided company options to extend its assortment and attractive products to end users.

In 2017, that is after 25 years from production start, company employs 11 permanent employees. In the same year company changed its name from M.I.K to MIKTOYS, begun to use its new logo and new trademark MIKTOYS.